Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This Solar Power Welding helmet is specially designed for workers who design for Arc welding and Cutting like MIG, TIG, MAG, SMAW, Plasma Arc etc. The helmet is completely automatic in its services and protects you from UV radiation and IR radiation accordingly.

The weight of this helmet is just 1 pound with light design and it is highly flexible to meet the user’s comfort. The switching time of the helmet is just 0.00004 seconds from light to dark. It can also b fixed with continuous adjustments and sensitivity control.

The origin of this Auto Darkening Helmet is China with the size of 9 x 9 x 12 inches, it also has 4 premium sensors, 6 extra outer lenses and 1 extra inner lens which can be changed with just headgear, which hardly takes more than 1 minute.

It also has Cheater Lens which are otherwise called as Magnifying Lens designed to fit its compatibility. It also attends Sensitivity Knob Adjustable and steps less delay. The shade variables are 4/5 – 9/9 – 13 which covers all the common welding and plasma cutting process too.

You get the product with a fully charged battery, once the battery is over, you can replace that with another and continue using this Auto-darkening welding helmet for years to come without any complaints and 100% safety from all the sparks and harmful rays.

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