North 110PWE Fibre-Metal Pipeliner Superglas Welding Helmet

Classic white color coated Fiber metal Welding helmet is a simple, strong and protective auto-darkening welding helmet. This fiber metal helmet is completely authorized to be in the market as it satisfies the ANSI Z87.1 standards.

The weight of this pipeliner super glass helmet is 2 pounds, yes it is heavy compared to many other welding helmets, but yet it is light and very strong to protect the individual from harmful UV radiation and IR rays.

The disturbance or irritation of using these protective helmets definitely cuts down, as you don’t have to remove the helmet frequently. The outer layer of this helmet is molded from super glass plus fiber metal, hence assuring complete protection of your head and face from hazardous sparks.

This Auto-Darkening welding helmet is Impervious to moisture, does not get easily cracked, chipped or split on its layer. It is designed to give a compact and comfortable experience for the users/ workers.

The lens coating and shade are perfectly finished with a viewing window of length and width – 2 in @ 4 ½ in. they used fiberglass as the material and used rubber to provide suspension to the users.

Hence this helmet is designed to give complete comfort to workers to give an easy and comfortable experience. If you are looking for a simple yet classy auto-darkening welding helmet, then this is the best helmet available at at a very remarkable discount of 16%, hence you save a $9.49 on this product which is $49.99.

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