Miller Syncrowave 200

To be honest, My line of work doesn’t usually fit with a TIG only welder machine. I usually prefer the more versatile machines. However, if you do need something so specialized, then you probably don’t care about the multi process abilities of some of the other options. Many of my friends with body shops whose work consist mainly of aluminum and thin steel frame repair would fall into this category. In fact, the Miller Syncrowave 200 would fit the bill nicely in such an application.

Miller Syncrowave 200
Miller Syncrowave 200

Generally, TIG welding is considered one of the more difficult processes to master. MIG and stick welding is suited better for beginners, so that may be the reason that some people avoid getting A TIG only machine. But with just a bit more effort, it becomes a very satisfying and versatile welding application process. My strong suggestion is that those who think they are interested in Tig welding is to first try it out because a good one like the Miller syncrowave 200 comes in at a suggested retail price of $2,927.00 for the base package that includes the power source, a weldcraft TIG 150 torch, 50 mm Dinse electrode holder, gas hose and regulator, and the 20 ft remote cord.

If this sounds like what you may be looking for lets move along and take a look at some of the specs of the syncrowave 200.

  • Has an operating weld amp level of 5-200 amps
  • It’s weight comes in at just under 238 lbs by our measurements
  • Needs 1 phase source of power
  • Welds 0.5 mm – 6.4 mm aluminum
  • Welds 0.5 mm – 6.4 mm steel metal
  • Integrated pulse system
  • Cable control routing system
  • Works with wireless control options

That’s a lot of options that come at this price point. So while the process choice may be limited, the TIG options are well covered. I really appreciate the Syncro start feature. It really speeds up the stop and start down time. You just start and the welder knows what your welding on. Nice feature. Also, the pulse control works very well on the Miller Syncrowave 200. This alone made the machine a worthy option, but there’s more where that came from.

It’s also important to note that if you welding material thicker than .200″ the Miller may be a bit small for you. Look for something with a bit more power. Also, if your new to TIG welding, be sure to take into account the importance of comfort in your environment. The precise nature of TIG welding means that the more comfortable you can remain working for, the better your welds are going to be.

In the end, the Miller Syncrowave 200 is a very solid option if your looking for a strictly TIG outfit and don’t plan on welding any thicker than previously noted. The steep price tag may run off a few potential buyers, but remember, this is a specialty machine and may not be suited for everyone’s needs. If it’s uses don’t fit for you, the price point may seem a bit high, but if it is the right welder for you, it could very well be money well invested. Thes Syncrowave 200 deserves serious consideration from anyone looking for a competently performing MIG welder at a mid level price point.


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