Miller Bobcat 225

I probably don’t have to tell you that Miller’s Bobcat 225 generator welder has long been a staple in many welding outfits. It seems that everyone I talk to wants a Bobcat or a Trailblazer. For good reason, these welders have long proven themselves to be durable and capable of standing up to the toughest of welding jobs.

This generator welder is perfect for the ranch or farm, as it’s multi process welder will come in just as handy as it’s generator. The convenience of having both functions in one set up, is far better than two separate pieces of equipment, in my opinion. Stand alone generators are great if you don’t plan to do any welding, but for those of us that do need a welding machine, having two different machines to transport can become a real pain sometimes.

The Miller Bobcat welder is rated to have 11,000 watts of power. Now if your familiar with the way some manufacturers rate their amperage and watts then you know that number can sometimes be a bit inflated, or manipulated. Miller claims that they use a process called Accu-Rated, and that the watts claimed, are accurate generator power watts. Knowing that, I think it’s safe to say that the Miller Bobcat will have plenty of power in almost all job situations.

The outside appearance of the new Bobcat, is just what you would expect, a fully enclosed bright Miller blue beauty. I’ve always thought that Miller made a sharp looking welding machines, but I wish they would consider offering a stainless finish. I realize that the looks of a welder may not be high up on your priority list, but for those of you that do care, the Miller Bobcat doesn’t disappoint. The fully enclosed case not only looks good, but also provides superior protestion to the internals, and just about completely eliminates hot air recirculation. Sound levels are also decreased by as much as up to 1/3, compared to previous Bobcat models.

On the inside of that blue casing, you will find heavy duty construction in all the critical components. Also you’ll see a large capacity fuel tank that holds 12 gallons of fuel. This will supply the generator with up to 14 hours at 4,000 continuous watts. Plenty of time to power you though the night, when the power is out. You’ll also find a skewed rotor design which is built to provide a steadier and stable supply of power. You will most notice this benefit when using this welder as a generator to power appliances such as a refrigerator or air conditioner, that thrives on stable power supply. If you are welding the fuel should last you closer to 20 hours.

All these benefits are great, but how does the machine weld? In a word? Good. It covers all of the bases such as MIG, stick, flux cored, and TIG welding. While putting the Miller welder through it’s paces, it never felt under powered like some other MIG welders that I’ve reviewed. It performed well in most processes, but I feel it really stands out in the stick welding process. MIG and TIG were second place in performance, while I feel the machine lacked a bit of refinement when working with flux core. I just couldn’t seem to get the settings right to get a proper stick weld.

Here are a few facts about the Miller Bobcat 225:

  • Stick/TIG AC: 225 amps at 25 volts, 100% duty cycle
  • Stick/TIG DC: 200 amps at 20 volts, 100% duty cycle.
  • Wire: 200 amps at 20 volts and 100% duty cycle.
  • 530 pounds
  • Comes with either a subaru or kohler 23 horse power motor
  • 3 year manufacturers warrant


The new Miller Bobcat is a great choice for mid level hobbyists and trade welders that not only need a proper welder on the job but also a generator. You will be hard pressed to find with that has better reputation and standard than this Miller. So put this one on you shortlist, but keep an open mind, as you can certainly spend less money on a welder generator. But you know what they say.. You get what you pay for.

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