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MIG Welding Machine Buying Guide

Get the help of this short MIG Welding Machine Buying Guide

So you have come to the point where you want to get a MIG welding machine for yourself. However, while choosing it, you must have come across a bewildering assortment that makes it hard to choose one.

Here are a few things that you can take into consideration before buying a MIG welder. There you go.

It all depends on what you want to do with it

First of all, the thing to take into account while buying a MIG welding machine is to know what will you do with it.

For instance, you can choose the 150 amp welding machine since it can run off at a 130 amp connection, for when if you need to weld a 10 mm dense metal. On the contrary, a 300 amp welding machine can help you repair things at home or you can also repair a vehicle using it.

Hence, power output along with the supply of power are two essential considerations. Generally, you can also operate a transformer device up to about 130 to 150 amps (relying upon the device), off the 13 amp connection.

Also, the inverter devices can operate at about 160 amps from a 13 amp power supply. The reason for this is that an inverter is a lot more efficient compared to the conventional welding machine.

All that being said, if you wish to weld the body panel of a car made up of dense material, the opulent power is of less importance compared to the bottom. In order to weld the body panel of a car, you require a MIG welder using the minimum power supply of about 30 amps. Because the higher power supply may give rise to the hole blowing in the thinner sheets. Therefore, you may need to consider both the ranges of power supply.

Duty cycle

The next main thing to consider is the duty cycle of a MIG welding machine. This means the duration as for how long the welder is going to operate prior to overheating. If you need to weld for a long time at higher power, you may need one with the bigger duty cycle.

MIG Welder torch

A steel torch is extremely important as it looks something like a bicycle cable for brake, ring-shaped steel covered with plastic. Hence, while buying a MIG welding machine, make sure to look for the one with a steel liner torch.

Types of MIG machines


Transformers are the conventional power units for a MIG machine. They are affordable and less complicated to use, hence, they ensure reliability for a long time. However, they are dense and tend to overheat quickly with an assortment of 2 to 30 steps.


Inverter look modern and are reliable but the important thing is that they are steplessly managed as the power can be controlled by turning a knob on them. They are light in weight, easy to move, and run longer prior to overheating.

The type of MIG welding machine that you choose depends on your preferences; however, it will be better if you consider the above-mentioned tips to get the best out of your selection.

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