Do Automatic Welding Helmets Provide Safety?

Do Automatic Welding Helmets Provide Safety?

Your precious eyes are, without any doubt, your most exposed and significant sense, which makes it extremely important to take good care of them. You must have heard of the automatic welding helmets, and wonder if they are safe for your eyes. In order to give you an enlighted insight, we have created this article to let you know the extent of the security, an automatic welding helmet offers. Continue to read further to learn more.

The possible hazards of the automatic welding helmets

 Arc welding procedures, which include Tig, Mig, Stick, Plasma Cutting, and many more release a spectrum of light perceptivity, which are dangerous to the human eyes. In addition, the most hazardous light spectrum that can harm your eyes are the ultraviolet radiation or known UV rays.

One of the common yet severe dangers for the eyes of welders is “Arc Eye.” It is actually, the Ultraviolet Burning in the eyes. That is precisely in the same way as skin sunburn. Whereas, a moderate Arc Eye, in actual, looks similar to having sand in your eyes. On the other hand, the sharp Arc Eye is greatly hurting and may give rise to irregular, or perpetual blindness too. Arc Eye even doubles the threat of tumors in the eyes.

Resolutions to use against automatic welding helmets

Get a conventional passive helmet because it utilizes some part of glass-like shade to lessen the exposure of UV rays. The shade of the glass of the automatic welding helmet is conventionally 9EV up to 13EV (where 13 is the darkest). Helmets fixed with these shades are an excellent way of preserving the eyes against UV; however, they are too dark-shaded that the worker won’t be able to see anything.

At the beginning of the era of the 90s, these automatic welding helmets were introduced in the marketplace. They are fast, efficient, shaded, and even react to lighter shades. Also, when you don’t weld, the shades look green and allows great vision for setting up the job and positioning the torch.

Once the arc strikes, the filter of the helmet darkens into the shade of the welding that can be changed to light or dark mode. So when you are done with the welding, the helmet turns light again, and it happens in a flash.

Get yourself a high-quality welding helmet

Luckily, all the helmets of Welding Machine Review come with a coating to filter out UV rays. The coating is long-lasting, which means you can obtain shade 15+ safety against UV despite the helmet being in the lighter mode.

With our helmets, the risk of Arc Eye lowers to ZERO. The lighter and darker modes make your job easier, more convenient, and productive as you won’t need to lift your helmet repeatedly throughout the welds and tacks to inspect.

Choose Welding Machine Review’s Helmet

 In the end, the answer to the question, “do automatic welding helmets provide safety?” is YES. Only if you buy it from a trusted seller that is Welding Machine Review because our products are easy to utilize, amazingly comfortable, and highly efficient.

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