Cool & Custom Welding Helmets

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Welding helmets have looked the same for years. Now, custom welding helmets allow one to showcase their personality while still protecting their face and neck from any harm that may befall them when working. Your welding helmet does not have to look boring or drab. Custom welding hoods with painted designs should fit you perfectly and does so fashionably. As a result, it is critical to invest in a top of the line model that is demonstrated to work, rather than only look good. Cool welding helmets will give you a genuine look while also delivering great functionality. Check our top 5 list and comparison tables of the coolest welding helmets in the market.

Cool and Custom Welding Helmets – Top 5

  • Antra AH6-260-6218

  • 4.5 Customer Rating

  • Auto-Darkening: Battery + Solar

  • Shades: 4, 5-13

  • Viewing Size: 3.86″×1.79″

  • Reaction Time: 0.04 milliseconds

  • Sensors: 4

  • Weight: 471 g.

  • Warranty: 1-Year

  • Price: $

  • Instapark GX-500S American Eagle

  • 4.1 Customer Rating

  • Auto-Darkening: Battery + Solar

  • Shades: 4, 9-13

  • Viewing Size: 3.63″×1.65″

  • Reaction Time: 0.04 milliseconds

  • Sensors: 2

  • Weight: 771 g.

  • Warranty: 1-Year

  • Price: $

  • Esab SENTINEL A50

  • 4.3 Customer Rating

  • Auto-Darkening: Battery + Solar

  • Shades: 3, 5-13

  • Viewing Size: 3.93″×2.36″

  • Reaction Time: 0.04 milliseconds

  • Sensors: 4

  • Weight: 640 g.

  • Warranty: 3-Year

  • Price: $$$

  • Forney Advantage Series

  • 4.1 Customer Rating

  • Auto-Darkening: Battery + Solar

  • Shades: 4, 9-13

  • Viewing Size: 3.93″×1.96″

  • Reaction Time: 0.06 milliseconds

  • Sensors: 4

  • Weight: 459 g.

  • Warranty: 2-Year

  • Price: $$

  • DEKOPRO Flaming Skull

  • 4.1 Customer Rating

  • Auto-Darkening: Battery + Solar

  • Shades: 4, 9-13

  • Viewing Size: 3.62″×1.65″

  • Reaction Time: 0.04 milliseconds

  • Sensors: 2

  • Weight: 454 g.

  • Warranty: Contact Seller

  • Price: $

1. Antra AH6-260-6218 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet – Grey Ghost

best custom welding helmets

This top rated custom welding helmet can be used in almost any kind of working environment; welding, cutting, and also grinding. Suitable for a range of environments and tasks. With shade variation of 5 to 13 that settles down to DIN 4. It looks great and serves well.

Fully programmed automatic power with a wide viewing field of 3.86 x 1.78 inches. It comes with AntFi X60-2. Equipped with 4 arc sensors for a fast reaction time of 1/25,000 second.

It has a knob for adjusting the step-delay and sensitivity settings. In addition, the Antra AH6-260-6218 has a power off delay for 10 minutes. It filters stays on for 10 minutes in the dark before going off which only adds on to the protection.

Further, this solar-powered custom welding helmet is equipped with battery indicators. And a magnifying lens compatible design. The Antra welding helmet is made from high impact materials. Enduring accidental slams. Though, the batteries seem to get dried out pretty quickly. However, it’s a great choice as it is light-weight and has a fast response to electric arc from MIG, TIG, MMA to plasma applications. Ideal for hobby and home use with cool skull painted design for welding.

2. Instapark GX-500S Auto Darkening Welding Hood – American Eagle

cool welding helmets

An ergonomically comfortable design, the Instapark GX-500S, comes with a view of 3.63 x 1.65 inches. Allows the welder to clearly view the working area. While also remaining protected against debris, excessive light, ultraviolet, and infrared rays.

The American Eagle welding helmet is equipped with dual arc sensors. It activates the auto-darkening filter in order to switch from light to dark automatically in a 1/25,000 of a second once the arc strikes.

The Instapark ADF GX-500S has dark variable shades from 9 to 13. It works well with many arc processes such as stick arc, MIG, and TIG and grinding applications as it has a resting shade of DIN 4.

The fully automatic welding helmet has a built-in solar panel and replaceable batteries. With added indicators for convenience. Further, it features a custom fit with a padded interior and a ratcheting headband. In addition, exterior shade and sensitivity control. Lastly, just be careful with adjusting the headband which may be loose fitting leading to discomforts. Overall, it’s a versatile welding helmet with a good value for the money.

3. Esab SENTINEL A50 Custom Welding Helmet – Halo

best custom welding hoods

The SENTINEL A50 made it to our list of custom welding hoods as it offers comfort, a large lens, and next-generation technology.

The Halo inspired design with an amber yellow color reflective lens. Offers a large viewing size of 3.93 x 2.36 inches. ADF variable shade ranges from 5 to 13 resting at shade DIN 3. Thus, ideal for all welding, plasma cutting, and grinding processes.

This full-automatic bad ass welding helmet has a reaction switch time from light to dark in 1/25,000 of a second. And has 4 premium sensors. Features a color LCD touchscreen control panel. That has 8 different memory setting and external analog shade control. All powered by solar cells and replaceable backup battery power.

In addition, an ergonomic shell design with 5 points adjustable headgear. Providing balance and comfort with a maximum view. Further, it comes with a clear and a yellow lens. Which you can easily change in 10 seconds without taking off the helmet. Finally, apart from weighing almost 1.5 pounds. The SENTINEL A50 from ESAB is one of the best custom welding helmets on the market.

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4. Forney 55707 Advantage Series Custom Welding Hood – Edge

bad ass welding helmets

The Forney Advantage Series is one of the lightest and coolest welding helmets that are available in this group. Full automatic technology. Ideal for intermediate and advanced welders.

A 7.70 square inch viewing field size. With a variable shade range from 9 to 13 resting at DIN 4 with 4 arc sensors. A light to dark state reaction time of 1/16,000 per second.

Solar powered with replaceable batteries. Including low battery indicator. Features a magnifying lens holder, an external shade selector, and internal step-less and sensitivity control adjustment.

In addition, user-friendly with increased functionality features allowing for longer performance. With an attractive design and painted colors. The Forney 55707 custom auto-darkening welding helmet meets all related and safety standards. As a result, ensuring you of sufficient protection.

The downside is that the head strap puts too much pressure on the side of the head. Which makes it more suitable for thinner faces. That said, this cool customized welding helmet has minimal reflections and is very clear. Suitable for all arc welding and cutting applications.

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5. DEKO PRO Coolest Welding Helmet – Flaming Skull

awesome welding helmet

If you are into flaming style welding helmets that come loaded with the benefits of a good price tag. Then the DEKOPRO is the best bet for you.

The level of light filter is DIN 4 and dark shade range from 9 to 13. You will appreciate the sufficient eye protection of the auto-darkening lens. It switches in 1/25,000 of a second from light to dark with 2 arc sensors. Quick enough to shield you after the arc is struck.

In addition, the custom welding hood, further, allows clear view and color identification. Equipped with 3.62 x 1.65 inches clear viewing area. Meeting the safety standards, you are assured of protection from harmful rays and sparks.

Not to mention, the adjustable delay and sensitivity settings. Which enable it to adapt to different working environment and tasks. The drawback for this is helmet is the headband system which minimizes the working positions. In addition, the weak paint on the helmet that can be easily scratched.

Overall, this is a bad ass welding hood considering it’s light-weight. Allowing you to work for longer hours without getting tired. Lastly, it is battery powered with solar power assist for a long life of up to 5000 hours.

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Key Factors for Custom Welding Helmets

Before you buy that awesome welding helmet you have been dying for. There are some specs that are quite important. Generally, all welding helmets will give sufficient protection. But, it is good to note that some are better than others. When it is the time to purchase a new welding helmet. Choose one with superior quality so that it does give you the required protection. While also delivering you unrivaled comfort for a long time. Here are some factors to consider to get the best-customized welding helmet.

  • Safety and Protection Standards

Ensure your welding helmet meets the standards of ANSI Z87+. This is one important factor that often goes overlooked. However, you will appreciate the protection offered by a welding helmet that has met these standards. No amount of debris or rays can penetrate the hood, even in high-stress work environments.

  • Viewing Field

On the off chance that you are an expert welder. At that point, you can profit by an expanding the viewing area with particular obscuring highlights that ensure visual perception. For home welders, a narrow view field can spare you some money without compromising on the eye protection. But, cheap welding helmets exist. In addition, some of them offer great functionality as well. In general, you should always consider looking for a cool welding hood with a large viewing size.

  • Hood Specs

Advanced welding helmets have been made. With the lightest and thinnest materials conceivable without compromising the strength of the defensive gear. This incorporates a half-mask respirator to shield the welder. From the vapor that can form when dealing with specific metals or use certain shielding gas alternatives for example. As a result, you may want to look for extra space for your glasses, a respirator, or not have to stress over harming your contacts when the welding. A protective custom hood can address your needs with consistency.

  • Weight and Balance

Altering your custom welding helmet into different positions can enhance, as well as, decrease the general weight of the helmet. For this reason, it’s crucial to think of the weight and balance positions of the welding helmet. Especially, if you are intending to work for long periods of time. Thus, limiting the torque that can be set on the neck of the welder due to the unbalanced or heavyweight.

  • Good Fit

Headgear advances are another customization highlight to consider. Head shapes are for the most part standard for most welding protective gear. As a result, with a customized welding headgear, you can get an adaptable, secure fit that is straightforwardly molded to your head measure. This minimizes the pressure points that can be formed from long-haul wear. Keeping off any welding related headaches or discomfort.

  • Design

Shading and configuration are other key components to also consider when you’re taking a gander at custom welding hoods. Dark is the standard shading for some welding helmets. Yet, this likewise implies they retain more warmth amid the welding procedure. Light colors helmets, on the other hand, can mirror some of that warmth. In addition, other shading alternatives and plans can also add some of your personality to the individual helmet you wear while you work.

Bottom Line

It is easy to pick one of your cool welding helmets and do your own paint job on it to personalize it. Alternatively, one can opt to purchase ready custom welding hoods that guarantees protection and convenience a comfortable fit. In fact, picking a good, functional customized welding helmet is more important than just its outward appearance. As a result, check the specs and features to ensure it meets your needs. You want to look for custom welding helmets that can counter the hazards. While also delivering comfort without restraint and the best features available.


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