Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

Everyone is conscious about their own protection while working in hazardous places. A good protection helmet is a must to protect the major parts of our body – the brain and face. There can be severe sparks flashing around you with potentially high vision damaging power through ultraviolet rays.

While you compare analyze and then choose the best safe and defending attire for you, then why pay less attention to the helmets you use for protecting your head and face. To make your comparison easier, here are the best 10 Auto Darkening Welding Helmets with best features and protection levels. You can easily compare each Welding helmet and derive at the best, affordable and protective helmet for you as safety comes first always!!

Before you start your comparison and analysis, it is important to know, which is an exact helmet is. Firstly it must be easy to wear, comfortable while working instead of tight fit or irritation. It should also have various adjustments strokes to be flexible with the person’s head. The protection and shielding layers must be strong with considerably a living life of around 10 to 15 years. All the welding helmets must definitely meet strict safety standards.

Top 5 Chart Of Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

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Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
Welding Helmet – Flames / Skull – Auto-Darkening
Neiko 53847A Industrial Grade Welding Helmet with Flip Lens
North 110PWE Fibre-Metal Pipeliner Superglas Welding Helmet
Rhino Large View Grind – Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

If you are still using the same traditional welding helmets, then it’s time to switch to the new auto-darkening welding helmets which will remove the darkening shades automatically which you are using it. You also have to remove the traditional helmet each time you want to analyze the wielded material. If you continually perform these actions, then it can result in fatigue, neck pain and tiredness. For starters, this will become a very tedious task to handle the helmet and their task effectively. Hence, the best solution to avoid such scenarios is to buy a flexible, easy to use and highly protected Auto-darkening welding helmets. All these difficulties can be overcome by this darkening welding helmets as they need not be removed, again and again, you can carry out the complete welding process in one go without any disturbance.

There are numerous darkening welding helmets are available in the market. But which one to choose, which has more life, which one is of good quality and cost-effective too? Keep the parameters like Safety, comfort, convenience, style, and flexibility in mind. To answer all these questions, here are the 10 best Auto-darkening welding helmets to choose for your safety.

Top 10 Darkening Welding Helmets Reviews And Buying Guide

1.Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This Solar Power Welding helmet is specially designed for workers who design for Arc welding and Cutting like MIG, TIG, MAG, SMAW, Plasma Arc etc. The helmet is completely automatic in its services and protects you from UV radiation and IR radiation accordingly.

The weight of this helmet is just 1 pound with light design and it is highly flexible to meet the user’s comfort. The switching time of the helmet is just 0.00004 seconds from light to dark. It can also b fixed with continuous adjustments and sensitivity control.

The origin of this Auto Darkening Helmet is China with the size of 9 x 9 x 12 inches, it also has 4 premium sensors, 6 extra outer lenses and 1 extra inner lens which can be changed with just headgear, which hardly takes more than 1 minute.

It also has Cheater Lens which are otherwise called as Magnifying Lens designed to fit its compatibility. It also attends Sensitivity Knob Adjustable and steps less delay. The shade variables are 4/5 – 9/9 – 13 which covers all the common welding and plasma cutting process too.

You get the product with a fully charged battery, once the battery is over, you can replace that with another and continue using this Auto-darkening welding helmet for years to come without any complaints and 100% safety from all the sparks and harmful rays.

2. Welding Helmet – Flames / Skull – Auto-Darkening 

This welding Helmet prevents Flames / Skull from hazardous sparks and UV and IR radiations, it is also Auto-Darkening hence the workers do not have to open the helmet again and again to verify their wielding and joint mechanism work.

The functioning of the helmet is completely automatic like the previous one, but the weight of the helmet is 1.2 pounds with clear color and skull styled design which gives a very attractive look. The product dimension of this helmet is 13 x 9 x 9 and it also comes with an extra pair of lenses to replace them anytime and at any point of time.

It is flexible and comfortable for workers to wear. You have a wide variety of colors like black, red fire skull, blue fire skull, Silver eagle, red, blue, black eagle, etc. choose one completely based on your color choice and enjoy your work with more than before without any trouble and complete safety for yourself.

This is a onetime investment product, which can be used for years to come without any hesitation and worries. It also comes up with the product warranty, hence you get complete customer support and satisfaction from the company until you are satisfied and comfortable with the usage of the product.

3. Neiko 53847A Industrial Grade Welding Helmet with Flip Lens

This is a specialized industrially graded auto-darkening welding helmet for workers who work tediously over time and requires high safety. The helmet appears to be very simple in its upper layer but it is very effective and assures complete safety for people who are using it.

It is simple, comfortable and flexible to fit users head along with 2-way adjustment headband, you also have a strap with a tightening knot to fit perfectly before you start with the work. The weight of the helmet is just 12.8 ounces, therefore giving a very lightweight on the workers head, hence allowing the workers to concentrate more on their work.

They need not remove the helmet to view their welding or joint work as it is also an auto-darkening helmet, also protects your eyes from both UV and IR radiation lights. The front area has a large 2″ X 4 1/4″ lift front viewing area to view the mending and welding accurately with at least 11 shades.

As per the rules, this welding helmet meets all the ANSI Z87.1 standards. You do not have to depend on battery for using this industrial-grade welding helmet, as this helmet function well without any need for a battery.

4. North 110PWE Fibre-Metal Pipeliner Superglas Welding Helmet

Classic white color coated Fiber metal Welding helmet is a simple, strong and protective auto-darkening welding helmet. This fiber metal helmet is completely authorized to be in the market as it satisfies the ANSI Z87.1 standards.

The weight of this pipeliner super glass helmet is 2 pounds, yes it is heavy compared to many other welding helmets, but yet it is light and very strong to protect the individual from harmful UV radiation and IR rays.

The disturbance or irritation of using these protective helmets definitely cuts down, as you don’t have to remove the helmet frequently. The outer layer of this helmet is molded from super glass plus fiber metal, hence assuring complete protection of your head and face from hazardous sparks.

This Auto-Darkening welding helmet is Impervious to moisture, does not get easily cracked, chipped or split on its layer. It is designed to give a compact and comfortable experience for the users/ workers.

The lens coating and shade are perfectly finished with a viewing window of length and width – 2 in @ 4 ½ in. they used fiberglass as the material and used rubber to provide suspension to the users.

Hence this helmet is designed to give complete comfort to workers to give an easy and comfortable experience. If you are looking for a simple yet classy auto-darkening welding helmet, then this is the best helmet available at at a very remarkable discount of 16%, hence you save a $9.49 on this product which is $49.99.

5. Rhino Large View Grind – Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

If you are looking for a longer viewing area in your welding helmet, then this GRIND auto-darkening welding helmet with carbon fiber is the best choice for you. It has over 10 square inches of vision RHINO large view to provide a clear view of welding and mending work.

This vision area is almost double the standard viewing window size of all other welding helmets. The weight of this auto-darkening helmet is around 1.2 pound which is quite comfortable to carry on the head and work properly.

It also has a nylon shell to protect you from the hazardous UV radiation and IR rays. It also has a headgear which is Ratchet styled to get adjust on workers head perfectly with a headband. The origin of this helmet is china and has been appreciated in the market well.

The only extra efforts you will have to be conscious about is it does work only with 2 lithium metal batteries. As soon as the battery is down, you can replace the same and get the work done with it for years to come easily.

This carbon fiber helmet comes up with 2 years of warranty and customer support, hence you have the complete support of the company to get the product set to work accordingly. If it does not set right, you can easily get it replaced with defect or flaws suspected in the product. This product stands separately with more features, hence the cost of the product is also high compared to other welding helmets.

6. Variable-Shade Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Looking for something different from usual welding helmets? Then this solar powered auto-darkening Welding helmet should be in your target list. This Variable shade welding helmet has high-impact nylon shielding to protect workers from sparks and deadly emitting rays.

It is an ideal helmet for workers working in all types of welding application. This product is specifically designed to meet all the requirements of the users. The eye viewing area of this helmet is pretty large – 3.86in. x 1.73in. This auto-darkening helmet meets all the rules of ANSI and CSA standards, hence ensuring complete safety to all the users.

The automatic darkening works at the speed of 1/25,000 Seconds, you also get around 9-13 variable shades with it. The helmet is very easy to use as the weight is very light. It works with a non-replaceable battery whose battery is attached to support a long life. This welding helmet works well with the welding process like MIG, Arc, Flux and TIG.

You get 5 -Point adjustable ratcheting headgear with replaceable sweatband to fix it well before you start working. It also has long durable, high impact nylon to prevent the UV and IR radiation effect on workers. It has stylish red flame straps on a black background to give an attractive look to the workers. Therefore this product is a complete combination of stylish, reliable and comforting welding helmets.

7. 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100

3M speedglas welding helmet comes up with extra-large auto-darkening filters 9100XX and vision of around 12.11 square inches. This helmet works well with welding processes like MIG and TIG. It also has different modes to be set during grinding and torch cutting which directs the helmet to give a much better view compared to other auto darkening helmets.

The helmet is very easy to use with advanced headgear, comfortable and has various ways to adjust the helmet, however, the weight of this helmet is 2.08 pounds, a little higher compared to all other helmets. The materials used in this helmet are nylon, glass and polycarbonate. There are 3 sensors attached with 5, 8- 13 shades.

The lens changes/ switches from light to dark mode in just 0.1 milliseconds. This helmet can also be used during grinding along with welding. It has padded front and snaps adjustments of 9 different angles to fit the helmet.

The auto-darkening system of this helmet reduces the frequent flip of the welding helmet up and down during their work, therefore reducing neck pain, tiredness and preventing fatigue.

This welding helmet will protect your eyes from bright damaging lights, hazardous rays, sparks and spatters. The helmet adjusts the brightness of the lights to give a comforting view to the eyes automatically. This highly advanced featuring welding helmet comes with a warranty and hence you can rely on customer support to understanding the working of this helmet better.

The extraordinary features make this helmet more expensive than any other auto-darkening helmet, but the product is definitely worth spending.

8. Save Phace Gen X Series Welding Mask – DOA

Whether you are into ceramic tiles cutting or steel welding, you invariably need a protective gear that not only protects your head and face but also keeps you comfortable inside. The Save Phace Gen X Series Welding Mask is the first and only Welding Helmet offering a perfect contiguous vision with its 180 degrees viewing lens design.

The EFP allows for a tighter and close fit as it has a face forming profile. Its round shape helps in regulating the air flow allowing your hot breath to escape easily. This keeps the gadget around 6 degrees cooler than its counterparts.

The 9-point adjustable Halo High-quality headgear allows you to maintain an optimal distance from the EFP for a clearer vision and adequate airflow. The ADF (Auto-Darkening Filter-Fixed 3/10) feature integrated into a 180-lens design makes it unique.

Gen X is the only helmet with auto lens technology and despite sharing the same specifications as the OS series, it enjoys a superior ranking owing to this amazing ADF attribute. Gen X can also be used as a splash guard or a grinding mask by simply replacing the other lens with a Clear lens (not included).

It comes handy in situations like trimming trees, snowball fights, ripping wood, power washing, and many such acts.

The graphics (made from High Impact ABS Plastic) might be a tad turn off, but it can add to the fun element. Not to forget, it is ANSI and CE approved and leaves no reason to be ignored.

9. Save Phace EFP Gen Y Series Welding Mask – Venom

This Save Phace EFP Gen welding helmet is a good competitor to the best welding helmets in the market. Whether you are welding, mending or grinding, this Welding mask will protect you from all the hazardous rays, sparks and spatter always. It has 180 degrees ADF holder lens and 13 ADF shades varying from 4/9 – 13.

Once the worker wears the helmet, they can adjust the Halo headgear from 9 different adjustable positions, they also have seat absorbent headband to avoid the irritation while at work. Along with this classy, stylish helmet, you get an amazing bag to cover it.

This Auto-darkening helmet is widely approved and appreciated as it is accepted and approved by both the ANSI and CE standard rules. The model of the product is venom and the installation method is arc-welding. The users will not feel much of a burden on their head as the weight is just 1.8 pounds. The dimension of this product is 10 X 12 X 9 inches with the standard visual size. It is highly comfortable and has a long life with a warranty.

10. ArcPro 20702 Auto-Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet

20702 welding helmet from ArcPro is perfect for those involved in grinding and welding projects. The helmet is specifically designed to protect your head, face, eyes and neck from ultraviolet radiation.

ArcPro 20702 comes with an auto-darkening feature that darkens the shade of the helmet in 1/10,000th of a second as soon as it perceives the first flash of intense light. This ensures that you do not get affected by the blazing light and stay safe from the hazards of UV and IR. The shade automatically returns to its normal state when the light stops emitting.

The product has two modes inbuilt inside, weld and grind. The variable shade is technologically designed to adjust between shade DIN numbers 9 and 13 for welding and shade DIN number 4 for grinding. This is a very interesting aspect of this helmet and makes it stand out among its siblings.

20702 has an optimal viewing field with a viewing area of 3.86 by 1.61 inches. This is a decent measurement to enable a clear vision of your workstation. The helmet comes with a two-way, adjustable headband assuring a comfortable fit. The headband is padded for your safety and comfort.

Another appealing feature is a high-low sensitivity control knob, which is easy to operate. It also comes with an automatic switch with in-built lithium batteries for turning it on and off. The helmet meets ANZI.Z87.1 safety standards so you can be rest assured about its safety features.